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Desktop Application Development

Custom Sofware

TSS designs effective web based solutions for business environments. We help companies automate desktop management from simple system configurations to complex software deployment. We offer customized and high quality software development solutions that allow businesses to streamline management aspects and therefore focus more on core competencies. Our services include:

  • → Cutting edge software tools that give businesses a competitive advantage.
  • → Custom application development which includes both pre and post delivery support.

Software Development and Application Integration

Need a capable team of IT specialists for software development and/or application integration? At TSS, your project will be in safe hands.

No system is isolated. We integrate different systems while keeping your budget in mind. TSS develops desktop management software that supports each customer’s unique workspace. We focus on asset tracking and effective software deployment. Our team of website developers and IT specialists has extensive experience in integrating third party web solutions.

We will work with you to accommodate your specific business requirements and interests. Such an attention to detail also allows our customers to reduce risk, improve efficiency and capitalize on emerging market opportunities as they come. Our software development solutions include:

  • → User Friendly Interface.
  • → Secure Software Applications Development.
  • → Consistent Support and Maintenance.
  • → Affordable and timely delivery of developed software applications.

We deliver quickly so that your business can initiate individualized business solutions that will help them utilize new market opportunities and respond to new challenges immediately.

Standalone Desktop Applications

Need standalone desktop applications for your company? Contact us and allow us to work our magic.

TSS leverages major technologies to create custom standalone desktop applications and develops software based utilities for real estate and other industries. We are experienced in creating user friendly tailored software solutions for specific business needs across platforms like Max, Linux and Mac. Our robust desktop solutions include:

  • → Standalone Business Software.
  • → Client server Application Development.
  • → Collaborative Applications and Browsers.
  • → Plug-ins and Software utilities Development.
  • → Desktop Applications for 64-bit Platforms.
  • → Desktop Application Redesign.
  • → Software Testing.
  • → Maintenance and Support Services.